About Green Monday Foundation

Established on Earth Day April 22nd 2012, Green Monday is a multi-faceted social venture group that aims to tackle climate change, global food insecurity, public health and animal welfare issues by making low-carbon and sustainable living simple, viral and actionable. Our platform enables corporations, restaurants, schools and the general public to effectively contribute to performing social and environmental responsibilities.

Time for Change
Time for Change

According to a 2013 report by the Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations (FAO), the livestock industry is estimated to produce 14.5% of CO2-equivalent human-induced greenhouse gases used every year. According to researches of leading institutes, shifting to plant-based diets could reduce up to 56% GHG emissions and 6-22% of other environmental impacts.

Our Mission

Green Monday aims at championing a sustainable food system by advocating a one-day-a-week plant-based meal philosophy. It is not about converting people to vegetarianism, nor does it require a drastic lifestyle change or a huge time commitment. We aim to educate the public on how easy and effective it is to reduce their environmental footprint and improve health by giving up meat for just one day per week.

Green Synchronisation

Hong Kong has one of the highest meat consumption per capita in the world. Green Monday synchronizes behavior change locally and globally by unlocking the power of individuals taking small and easy steps. Going green on Mondays could be an easy start but individuals can choose however and whenever to go green, depending on their own needs and goals.

Green Monday Trending

A biennial survey on Hong Kong’s perception of plant-based diets conducted by an independent market research company revealed in 2020 that 40% of Hong Kong’s population practise flexitarianism, a 70% jump compared to 2018. 62% of the Hong Kong population is willing to reduce meat consumption to support healthier eating habits.

YOUR IMPACT BY GOING GREEN | if you go plant-based every day for a year

2.1 Tons

of CO2 Equivalent Emissions Prevented

400 Lives

Number of Lives Saved

91 Trees

Needed to Absorb the Same Amount of CO2

1,000,000 People

Number of People’s Worth of Drinking Water Saved For a Day