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What We Do

The Green Monday platform is a multi-pronged social venture model aimed at shifting the public towards sustainable living. We champion the adoption of a plant-based diet for at least one day per week to combat climate change, food insecurity, public health crisis, planetary devastation, and animal suffering.

Discover how our advocacy, business, food tech and investment arms synergistically engage society to live a sustainable lifestyle.

Green Common

Our plant-based concept store – Green Common, empowering the world with wholesome and sustainable plant-based choices.

School Network

Over 800 primary, secondary schools and universities have joined Green Monday programs about green lifestyle and eating habits.

Corporate Solutions

Consultancy, marketing and PR services for restaurant groups and food companies on strategy and implementation of green and CSR initiatives.

Right Treat

Established with the mission to innovate food that will treat us right, treat the planet right, treat animals right, hence the launch of our revolutionary Omnipork.


Green Monday is a worldwide platform for all parties passionate about plant-based lifestyles, including overseas universities, governments and corporate, etc.


A private venture capital fund that invents, incubates and invests in sustainable green economy.


Green Common

Green Common is a plant-based concept chain that empowers consumers to make wholesome and sustainable food choices.

omni new logo-01-01


Established with the mission to innovate food that is good for us, animals as well as the planet, OmniFoods has since launched a series of sensational future food products to empower consumers to eat more sustainably and healthily.



In a landmark investment moment, Green Monday Holdings received strong support from global investors to accelerate growth.



Green Monday Ventures is a private venture capital fund that innovates, incubates and invests in sustainable green economy.


School Network

With over 800 school partners ranging from primary schools, secondary schools and universities, the Green Monday School Programme strives to promote sustainable diets and living to the leaders of tomorrow.


Corporate Solutions

We provide a diversity of consultancy, marketing and PR services to help corporations drive ESG growth and align their business with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.