About Green Monday Ventures

The “green food industry” is perhaps the most impactful and visible component in the course of the transition towards a green economy. Awareness has reached a new level as to the impact the livestock industry has created in terms of greenhouse gas emission, water footprint and food production inefficiency, while affecting our health on an individual level. GMV is of the view that plant-based food items are important alternatives (if not just an addition) to meat. The plant-based consumer segment is where the most ground-breaking and compelling food trend is taking place.

Portfolio Company

Green Monday Holdings

Green Monday Holdings is comprised of Green Common and Right Treat. Green Common is a Hong Kong-based retail, F&B and distribution platform which brings food 2.0 and a revolutionized food mindset to Asia. Right Treat is a foodtech company which owns its experienced R&D arm in Canada and manufacturing arm in SE Asia, and launched hero products including the ground-breaking OmniPork and many other products in the pipeline.

Beyond Meat

Backed by Bill Gates, Leonardo DiCaprio and prominent investors in Silicon Valley, Beyond Meat is one of the latest food-technology companyies which aim to create a mass market soultuion that perfectly replaces animal protein with plant protein. It uses all natural ingredients and a proprietary system to align plant protein in the same fibrous structures that you would find in animal protein. Their Beyond Burger is the world’s first 100% plant based burger that looks, cooks and taste like ground beef.

Califia Farms

Los Angeles-based Califia Farms was founded in 2010 and has become one of the fastest-growing natural beverage companies in the U.S. Renowned for offering the best-tasting plant-based beverages on the market artfully packaged in disruptive curvy bottles, Califia is a leading refrigerated Plant Milk, Dairy Free Creamer, Ready-to-Drink Coffee and Probiotic Dairy Free Yogurt brand in the Natural and Specialty channels.

Alpha Foods

Based in the U.S., Alpha is on a mission to bring unrivalled taste fueled by the power of plants. They create plant-based foods that bring clean, sustainable sizzle with products that are delicious, nutritious and convenient. Alpha’s plant-based Chik’n Nuggets is a favourite among all consumers – carnivores and vegans alike. They also have a wide range of products such as burritos, pizzas, etc.

Perfect Day

Perfect Day is a biotechnology company based in San Francisco that produces milk protein by using cell culture in a laboratory instead of getting from living cow. By “growing” protein from the bottom up, Perfect Day can provide consumers and food manufacturers with proteins that are free of nasty substances, and through a more sustainable and healthy process. The protein can be used to develop dairy products like butter, cheese, etc.


Creating plant-based yoghurt with pili nut, Lavva is the newest prospect in the vegan food industry. Pili yoghurt, on top of being vegan, gluten-free and probiotic, comes with incredible health benefits, such as aiding weight loss and balancing cholesterol levels. Lavva produces dairy-free yoghurt which is not only rich in nutrition, but also unqiue and most importantly, delicious.

Fork & Goode

Fork & Goode is a US-based cell-based protein company which attempts to address high initial costs of cell culturing by a number of ground-breaking cell technologies. Fork & Goode presents a delicious alternative which is made of real meat, delivering the same essential nutrition with no antibiotics, no hormones, no harmful bacteria, and less harm to animals and the environment, while using only the highest quality natural ingredients.

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