Our Ambassadors

Green Monday ambassadors support the mission of Green Monday and they enthusiastically promote the benefits of going green to the public.

Kay-Tse-Cheif Kindness Officer-Green Monday

Kay Tse

Chief Kindness Officer

Kay is a well-known Cantopop singer from Hong Kong. Her music touches on a broad variety of subject matter including social issues in the territory. She has been actively involved in many charitable and philanthropic initiatives, including Cancer Fund, World Vision and Habitat for Humanity. Kay is deeply concerned about climate change and the environment. She strives to use her fame to advocate an eco-friendly lifestyle to the public. She is now a Green Monday Ambassador, championing a sustainable plant-based diet.


Karena Lam

Greater China Ambassador

Golden Horse Award for Best Leading Actress Karena Lam now based in Hong Kong, returns to her hometown and joins the Green Monday Taiwan Launch event as Green Monday Greater China Ambassador, with the mission to promote a plant-based diet for the environment. In light of the deteriorating state of the planet, Karena often openly addresses global climate issues on social media, in order to give her two daughters the best possible environment growing up.

Mary joinsJames

Mary McCartney

Global Mission Ambassador

Mary, an internationally renowned photographer and cofounder of “Meat Free Monday”, was fascinated by the fact that Green Monday share the same value with Meat Free Monday in championing a wholesome food system which is sustainable, cruelty free and makes people further engage by creating innovative green menus