Corporate Solutions

Why put Green Monday into my office?

Our projects work towards building a more sustainable community and planet. As we strive to transform our world, Green Monday achieves 10 out of the 17 Sustainable Development goals set by the United Nations.

How can Green Monday assist you?

Our corporate programmes incorporate education, experience, connection and access.

We educate employees on mindfulness and balance at work through health and wellness talks and a variety of resources and workshops

  • Tying in with hands-on experience and team-bonding activities, we see how easy it is to go green.  
  • We connect with stakeholders to discover new industry trends for the next green initiative.  
  • Additionally, we offer Green common insider access to corporate events and activities to our partners

Previous collaborations and experience

Finding the best solutions

Health & Wellness Talks

Educate our clients on a holistic, well-balanced lifestyle by our in-house nutritionists and health professionals.


Offer hands-on workshops for colleagues to learn and practice office sustainability and waste reduction.

Sustainable Business Training

Revamp old business models to an effective and sustainable business model that is beneficial to both the planet and the company itself.

Smoothie Bike

Encourage colleagues to take our concept of regular movement in the workplace and healthy eating to a whole different level.

Office Marketplace

Set up a green store and provide plant-based products for colleagues to enjoy pop-up prices and take a step forward to adopt a healthier eating habit.

Internal Launch

Curate healthy plant-based dishes together with our team at your canteen in order to encourage a greener eating habit within your company.