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Our Restaurant Programme is one of Green Monday’s key initiatives, under which close to 2,000 restaurant outlets in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Macau, and many other regions offer plant-based-friendly menus. We work closely with partners to organise events, and provide them with consultation, marketing and PR support. Joining Green Monday not only provides restaurants with an excellent platform to attract new customers, it is also a branding and CSR solution.

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BENEFITS OF JOINING | Be in our league of top-notch partner restaurants in town

Website Feature

Restaurant partners will be listed on Green Monday website as a restaurant partner, with updated green menus and other details.

Publication Feature

Restaurant partners may potentially be promoted on columns in some of the most circulated publications. The column may even be re-posted to other influential channels.

Social Media

Restaurant partners will be promoted on Green Monday’s social media channels and eDM, which have a strongly engaged and loyal subscriber base.

Team “Go Green” 

Our partners include some of the most widely recognised restaurants in Hong Kong such as Tsui Wah, Tam Jai Sam Gor and Pizza Express. Join our restaurant programme to become part of the visionary companies.

Expand Client Base

Our biennial survey shows that 34% of HK people are now flexitarians. By offering plant-based options, you can attract the growing population of plant-based customers.

Make Change Happen

There is no better way to reduce one’s environmental impact than by switching to a plant-based diet. Offering plant-based options will be a testament to your commitment to curbing greenhouse gas emissions.


Step 1

Make sure your menu contains at least three vegetarian dishes. Refer to the FAQ for instructions on what a green menu entails.

Step 2

Fill in the enquiry form to leave your contact information, and get in touch with Green Monday’s representative.

Step 3

Upon confirmation of joining, upload your logo, restaurant description, dish photos to the registration form provided.

Step 4

Add text to your menu explaining that you are a Green Monday restaurant partner.

Step 5

Stick the partnership logo onto your door for customers to identify you are one of the Green Monday partners and offers vegetarian food.


Is there a cost for joining the Green Monday restaurant programme?

It is free to join the Green Monday restaurant programme.

What is the definition of a vegetarian diet?

Green Monday’s definition of a vegetarian diet is ‘meatless’. While dairy products and eggs are acceptable, chicken powder, fish sauce, or any animal-derived seasoning is not permitted.

What does a green menu entail?

A green menu should include a minimum of three vegetarian dishes, consisting of at least one main course. We strongly encourage you to provide vegan options (no eggs or dairy) if possible.

Since the campaign name is ‘Green Monday’, does this mean we only need to or could only offer green options on Monday?

While our campaign name is based on the philosophy that easing into the plant-based lifestyle one day at a time will make a collective difference, we encourage you to make vegetarian dining accessible to customers every single day.

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