Original Article: MaryMcCartney.com

Mary McCartney joins Green Monday as an advisor and global ambassador to fuel the plant-based movement across the globe and in Asia.

Mary, an international renowned photographer, artist, plant-based advocate, co-founded the “Meat Free Monday” Movement in 2009 with her father Sir Paul McCartney and sister Stella McCartney. Meat Free Monday is a non-profit campaign which aims to raise awareness of the negative environmental impact related to livestock industry, and to encourage people taking part in tackling climate change and improving their health by having at least one meal meat free day each week, a move recommended by the United Nations.

“Addressing Climate change and animal welfare are global issues that are close to my heart. Through my involvement with Meat Free Monday in Europe, I have become aware and very impressed by the impact created by Green Monday. David Yeung has created an innovative social venture that delivers practical and scaleable solutions. I am joining forces with Green Monday to further accelerate their growth and the expansion in Asia and globally. I believe making changes in Asia and around the world is crucial for the future of our beautiful plant.” Said Mary.

“The blueprint of Green Monday is partially inspired by Meat Free Monday which was founded by Sir Paul, Mary and Stella. We share the common goal of mobilizing the world towards a healthy, sustainable and cruelty-free diet. It is a dream to partner with Mary and her family to bring change to Asia and across the world. Her experience, network, and influence will be invaluable towards the growth of our organization and the impact we hope to create.” David said.

According to a survey commissioned by Green Monday in 2018, nearly a quarter of Hong Kong population practises a flexitarian diet. The ratio of “hardcore meat lovers” according to the survey, has almost halved in the last 4 years.