About OmniPork

OmniPork is launched by foodtech company OmniFoods (previously known as Right Treat). An established team of food scientist in Canada spent 2 years conducting comprehensive research to create this nutritionally superior alternative comprised of a proprietary blend of plant-based protein made of peas, non-GMO soy, shiitake mushrooms and rice. OMNIPORK contains 0mg cholesterol and it is free from hormones, antibiotics or cruelty, and 86% lower in saturated fat and 66% lower in calories than real pork. Additionally, it offers much higher fiber, 2.6 times more calcium and 127% higher in iron. The climate and animal-friendly innovation was recognised by PETA Asia and helped its parent company Green Monday earn the prestigous title of “Company of the Year 2019”.

Product Line

OmniPork Luncheon

OmniPork Luncheon contains 0mg cholesterol, is rich in protein and provides dietary fiber, potassium and calcium. Compared with canned pork counterparts, it has far lower calories, total fat and sodium levels. More importantly, OmniPork Luncheon does not use any carcinogenic nitrate as the preservatives.

OmniPork Strip

OmniPork Strip is high in protein (18.6g of protein per 100g). It is low in saturated fats, free from cholesterol and provides a source of dietary fiber, potassium, calcium and iron. Compared with raw pork shoulder, OmniPork Strip has far lower calories and total fat content. The product is suitable for almost every dish.


Cruelty-free, vegan, Buddhist-friendly and non-GMO, Omnipork® is comprised of a proprietary blend of plant-based protein from pea, non-GMO soy, shiitake mushroom and rice for complete protein. It is also free from cholesterol, added hormones or antibiotics.

OmniEat Spicy Thai Basil OmniPork with Jasmine Rice

This ready-to-eat meal prepared with jasmine rice is a must-eat for Thai spicy food lovers. Each package is packed with high-protein OmniPork and half a cup of mineral-rich vegetables like basil, onions, asparagus beans etc.

OmniEat Thai OmniPork Stir-Fried Noodles

The Thai-style aromatic stir-fried noodles contains half a cup of calcium and iron-rich kale. Ultra-low temperature “Flash-Freezing” technology is used to retain the natural colours and nutrients of the kale. Paired with the high-protein and low-fat OmniPork, it makes a well-balanced and wholesome meal.

OmniEat Bun

Delicately handmade with the craftsmanship of a chef, OmniEat buns are soft in texture with a filling of OmniPork, cabbage and yam bean. Each pack contains 4 buns, each providing 260 kcal. They are nutritionally balanced, perfect for a light breakfest.

OmniEat Pearl Dumpling

The handmade dumplings are wrapped in thinly rolled pieces of translucent dumplings sheets. Filled with Omnipork and diced carrots for an elevated ‘meaty’ texture and enhanced nutritional value, each pack contains 6 pieces which provide only 131 kcal, perfect for a light afternoon tea snack.


Since its launch in April 2018, OmniPork has received extensive coverage from international media. OmniPork is widely used in numerous internationally acclaimed restaurants serving specific OmniPork menus, including Tacobell in Mainland China, the largest QSR in Taiwan – Bafang Yunji, Sizzler in Thailand, Prive in Singapore, Four Seasons Hong Kong, JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong and King of Sheng Jian in Hong Kong. The brand new launch of OmniEat in 2020 is meant to cater to city dwellers who lead a fast-paced life. It uses ultra-low temperature “Flash Freezing” technology to preserve the natural flavours and textures of the foods while minimizing nutrients loss. It only takes a few minutes to reheat this nutritious and scrumptious meal.

OmniEat Flash Frozen Meals and OmniEat Dim Sum have been available in supermarkets since February 2020.

In an effort to further support the company’s future branding and development strategies, Right Treat, the food research company of OmniPork, officially announced its change of name to OmniFoods on 18 May, 2020. On the same day, two long-awaited products – the OmniPork Luncheon and the OmniPork Strip were announced to the support of the masses in Asia and beyond.