Hong Kong –  7-Eleven has teamed up with Green Monday to launch a range of plant-based meals, including ready meals to go and classic dim sum dishes in over 700 stores, as well as over 30 items plant-based snacks and other items in 150 stores.

Alex Liu, Managing Director of 7-Eleven Hong Kong and Macau, said: “More and more people are adopting a vegetarian lifestyle but finding tasty plant-based food conveniently and around the clock can still be a challenge. Our extensive store network and the fact we’re open 24 hours enables us to meet our customers’ needs and offer them plant-based options anytime, anywhere. With that in mind, we have teamed up with Green Monday to launch a new selection of plant-based ready meals that we are rolling out in over 700 stores. This range includes two exclusive OmniEat’s ready meals that are only available in 7-Eleven namely OmniPork Strip Spaghetti in Black Pepper Sauce and OmniPork Strip Rice Vermicelli with Sesame in Teriyaki Sauce. We are also launching two new OmniEat’s dim sum products, OmniEat Siu Mai and OmniEat Crystal Dumplings, simultaneously with Green Common. In addition, we are introducing a wider range of plant-based products in 150 stores, comprising of over 30 items including snacks, soups, oat drinks and more.

Alex added: “We are also adding plant-based options to our menu on Deliveroo. So now everyone can enjoy plant-based food quickly and easily, at home or at the office.”

David Yeung, Founder of Green Monday, said:“As a pioneer of plant-based food in Asia, Green Monday has always been committed to promoting environmentally friendly, sustainable food and developing innovative plant-based products. We believe this partnership with 7-Eleven, Hong Kong’s largest convenience store chain, has an enormous impact on promoting a plant-based lifestyle and that the selection from Green Common, including ready meals, dim sum and snacks, gives 7-Eleven’s customers greater choice when it comes to quick and convenient plant-based options. We hope that the range, available at 7-Elevens citywide, enables busy Hongkongers to lead a green lifestyle conveniently, anytime and anywhere.”

More choice, more variety of plant-based meal solutions and drinks
The new ready meals from OmniEat are free from added preservatives and MSG. On sale exclusively at 7-Eleven are the brand-new reimagined cha chaan teng classics – OmniPork Strip Spaghetti in Black Pepper Sauce and OmniPork Strip Rice Vermicelli with Sesame in Teriyaki Sauce. In order to preserve their nutritional value, the ready meals are prepared using ultra-low “Flash Freezing” technology to retain the natural flavours and textures of the ingredients. They are ready to eat after just a few minutes in the microwave. The food containers are made from bagasse pulp, which is derived from sugar cane. Certified by the Australasian Bioplastics Association and TÜV AUSTRIA, they are biodegradable and home compostable, enabling you to reduce your carbon emissions but also enjoy your food conveniently and hassle-free.

In addition, OmniEat Siu Mai and OmniEat Crystal Dumplings are launching simultaneously in both 7-Eleven and Green Common so be one step ahead of the crowd and try them there first! Those who lead more health-conscious lifestyles will enjoy these plant-based versions of classic dim sum dishes as they are free from cholesterol and trans-fat. Also available at 7-Eleven are Califia Farms Chocolate/Unsweetened Oat Drinks 200ml. These deliciously smooth plant-based milks come in handy, small sized bottles that can be conveniently consumed when you’re out and about.

Get your hands on an array of tasty plant-based products around the clock
A selection of OmniEat’s new ready meals and Califia Farms Chocolate/Unsweetened Oat Drinks 200ml can also be purchased on the 7-Eleven x Deliveroo food delivery platform#, so you can order online and enjoy whenever, wherever you wish. What’s more, you can also earn 3x yuu points* on the purchase of any OmniEat ready meals at 7-Eleven. So, head down to your nearest 7-Eleven or order from the comfort of your own home and kickstart your new lifestyle!