Original Article: Green Is The New Black

By now you’ve probably heard that we are heading for a climate catastrophe in 12 years. It’s now time for individuals, organisations and the government to rally together and take massive action to secure a sustainable future. We were (and still are!) thrilled to see that global movement Green Monday hit Singapore shores last week, furthering the movement towards a plant-based diet for the masses.

Green Monday makes low-carbon and sustainable living simple. The movement originated in Hong Kong, where there are now 1.6 million people adopting plant-based choices at least one day a week. Their venture arm, Green Common, furthers the mission by bringing plant-based dining and food products accessible to a mainstream audience – including innovative meat-alternatives such as Beyond Meat, Omnipork, JUST eggless egg products.

The Grand Hyatt Singapore was the first to launch these products in South East Asia, where the Beyond Burger, for example, has outsold the beef burger 3 to 1 since hitting the menu. We’re big fans of Jerome Pagnier (the F&B Director for the property), who wanted to bring a disruptor and a mindset shift into Singapore; something that would make people look differently at plant-based options. We had a chat with him about JUST eggless eggs and more.