4-in-1 revolutionary plant-based concept featuring dine-in gourmet, coffee & drinks bar, grab & go and grocery

(5 October 2021, Hong Kong) Since 2015, Green Common has pioneered innovative plant-based diet and introduced a wide variety of nutritious plant-based food in Asia. To further champion plant-based lifestyle to the next level, Green Common unveils its brand-new two-storey flagship in Nexxus Building, Central (Green Common Nexxus) with a modern and refreshing new image. The ground floor of Green Common Nexxus presents coffee and drinks bar with oat milk as default plus retail area. The upper floor is the restaurant that showcases innovative Asian fusion cuisine and delicate vegan wine collection.

Green Common Nexxus officially opens on 6 October. Along with the shop opening, Green Common is unveiling the new Aqua brand image and colour, from façade to store interior, from packaging to merchandise. The nature-inspired interiors are embellished with organic shapes and recesses on the wall. All elements are woven together to create a warm and inviting flair for guests to lead a sustainability lifestyle and indulge in the delicacies.

Mr David Yeung, the Founder and CEO of Group Monday Group, expresses his excitement when talking about this milestone. “Located in the heart of Central Hong Kong, Green Common Nexxus aims to impress, empower and transform everyone who walks through our door. From dine-in gourmet to grab-and-go convenience, from protein revolution to culinary innovation, from our signature OmniPork and OmniSeafood to our unguilty vegan dessert treats, we are here to set a new pinnacle for the world, that gourmet, innovation, sustainability, wellness, kindness and accessibility can absolutely coexist! The best of all worlds is indeed possible, and it is officially arriving in Green Common Nexxus.”

“It is indeed serendipity that puts our brand new global Green Common flagship in the prime Nexxus Building location. This isn’t just our flagship. It is also the nexus that will bridge our community to a beautiful and sustainable future.”

Oat milk as default option for coffee and drinks

The coffee and drinks bar on the ground floor features dairy-free drinks and healthy light bites. It serves oat milk as default. The signature Oat Latte is created with a blend of Brazilian and Colombian coffee beans. Locally dark roasted, the full-bodied blend carries notes of dark chocolate, almond and hazelnut. The Oat Latte is paired with UK renowned oat milk brand, Minor Figures, which mellows out the bold taste of espresso and strikes a harmonious balance. The coffee bean (150g) is also available in retail area, priced at HKD 78. Apart from a revitalising dose of caffeine, Green Common Nexxus offers an extensive range of healthy drinks option, including a newly-launched series of Smoothie collection made with superfood. Available during breakfast, Avocado Green Tea Flaxseed Smoothie, Beetroot Banana Smoothie and Pina Colada are there to boost your day.

Offering a quick and wholesome grab-and-green selection to the city dwellers, Green Common’s wide range of flavoursome and healthy bites includes vegan bakery, together with salad and meal box labelled with nutrition highlights. On weekdays from 6 to 15 October, guests can enjoy Vegan Croissant or Cinnamon Roll* at HKD 1 with any made-to-order drinks purchase during breakfast period.

Elevated Asian fusion plant-based cuisine with vegan wine collection

The menu of the 1/F restaurant features a wide range of Asian fusion cuisine, combining advanced culinary techniques with innovative and nourishing plant-based ingredients. The very tempting small plates such as Pani-Puri, Crispy Wonton and Lolli-OmniPork lead the dining experience. Featuring Smoked Wellington, Ochazuke and Sanbei OmniPork, main dish selection is a sensational surprise to the guests. Completing the experience with a sweet finale is the light yet delicate dessert, ranging from Matcha Azuki Potted Plant with an edible biscuit cup to Cashew Cheesecake. A 4-course tasting menu (HKD 328), which will be refreshed regularly, is also available during dinner time. (Appendix for menu highlights)

There is no better way to enjoy the plant-based delights with a glass of quality vegan wine. It is often that animal products (or by-products) are incorporated in the winemaking process, such as egg whites, gelatine or casein as fining agents. That is why Green Common Nexxus has sourced vegan-certified wines from all over the world, up to 10 types of vegan wine and sake. Apéritif selection includes Sparkling Sweet Moscato “So Easy”, with sweet floral and lychee notes. The Coco Chocolate Merlot with a gentle hint of smokiness and strong tannins finish is one of the go-to options for red wine. Another delightful option, Sake Junmai Ginjo (Miyagi, Japan) fills the mouth with delicate fragrance and solid taste of rice. All alcoholic beverages will be available in our restaurant in November. To enjoy the dining experience to the fullest and kindest, guests can opt for a wine-pairing menu with selected dishes that pair perfectly with the wine list curated by sommelier, priced at HKD 478. Guests with dining receipt from restaurant can enjoy a 20% off upon any purchase of wine at the retail area on the same day.
*While stocks last

Menu highlights:

HKD 88Bursting with sweet and sour flavours, this Chinese food staple is here with a jolly and plant-based twist. Mixing OmniPork Luncheon and OmniPork Strip to create a springy texture, the plant-based meatball is then fried to a crispy exterior, beautifully glazed in sweet and sour sauce. Adorned with fragrant sesame, buckwheat and edible flower, this dish tastes as delicate as it looks.
Crispy Wonton
HKD 78A delightful spin on the traditional Chinese dimsum, this reinvented fried wonton is stuffed with OmniPork Luncheon, pickled vegetables and chopped fungus, encased in a delicate wonton wrapper before fried to an irresistible gold. Boldly flavoured with sweet agave syrup and pickled ginger on top, this crunchy goodness packs huge amounts of flavour in just a bite.
Smoked Wellington
HKD 168Reimagining beef wellington with plant-based ingredients, the Smoked Plant-based Wellington features a golden trio of OmniPork Luncheon, mushroom and truffle sauce. Wrapped in vegan pastry sheet and roasted to a luscious and smoky golden brown, this aromatic dream makes no difference to the original beef wellington, sure to tantalise your senses.
HKD 128The classic Japanese dish curated from OmniCrab mixed with tororo kombu (shredded dried Japanese seaweed) brings an intense ocean flavours to your bowl. It is sprinkled with kombu and crunchy genmai (roasted brown rice). With hot brewed genmaicha (roasted brown rice tea) pouring over, the heartwarming soupy delicacy allows guests to dive into a wholesome delight.
Hong Kong Style Baked Omni Porkchop Rice
HKD 138A signature dish at Green Common, the baked Omni Porkchop rice is having an elevated take exclusively at Green Common Nexxus. OmniPork Mince and OmniPork Strip in the plant-based pork chop creates springy and tender texture, then fried to fine and crunchy. The plant-based egg fried rice is sautéed with OmniPork Luncheon and mixed vegetables, smothered under mildly simmered tomato sauce and melted vegan cheddar and mozzarella cheese then decently baked to a nostalgic reminiscence.

Green Common Nexxus
Address: Shop G01 & 101, Nexxus Building,77 Des Voeux Road, Central

Opening Hour:
Ground floor
Monday to Friday: 7:30am – 10pm
Weekend and Public Holiday: 10:30am – 10pm

1st floor
Monday to Sunday: 11am – 10pm
Telephone: 2727 6682

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