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JUST Scramble

JUST is a food tech startup that has set out to disrupt the egg industry. JUST Scramble is free from cholesterol, antibiotics, hormones and animal cruelty. Its carbon emissions are 24% lower than a real egg while its water footprint is 64% lower. What blows people’s mind is JUST Scramble coagulates like a real egg when fried in a pan.

Watch the previous video: The True Cost of an Egg https://youtu.be/rH-M9ufGWx8

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工廠農場要以催谷方式生產雞蛋,帶來不少環保和殘忍問題,美國食物科技公司就研究出植物蛋JUST Scramble,除了比雞蛋健康低碳,其炒蛋體驗也與雞蛋無異!

(上集)雞蛋的秘密: https://youtu.be/yzaYa9pLqG8




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