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How To Join

Guidelines for banquet hosts/organizers :Download here 
Letter of Authorization :Letter of Authorization

Please fill in the authorization form and return it together with the menu to Green LUCK 14 days before the banquet.

E-mail :

Upon fulfillment of the below conditions, all corporate banquets, wedding banquets, birthday banquets etc., are eligible.

  • Number of tables: 15 or more
  • Form of banquet: Dishes must be served individually*

* To ensure surplus food conforms to the highest hygiene standard, each dish must be divided into 12 individual portions, while the serving plate must be immediately collected after serving. Undivided food must not be kept on the serving plate and left unattended on the table.


1. Host/organizer or venue owner to return the completed letter of authorization

2. Green LUCK team to contact the venue owner to arrange food collection

3. Venue owner to collect food and store it overnight below 4°c

4. Food Angel to collect the stored food next day

5. Green LUCK to notify applicants on the beneficiary organization and total weight of food collected.

Green LUCK will deliver the designated food containers to the venue. Food will be stored in the venue overnight, which will be collected and delivered to the beneficiary organizations by Foodlink/Food Angel the next morning.

  1. Announced by the master of ceremonies (sample script can be provided by Green LUCK).
  2. Explained by staff, groomsmen and bridesmaid of weddings, organizers or appointed representatives.
  3. Print details and logo provided by Green LUCK on menu.
No. In order to be environmental friendly, reusable containers will be sent to banquet venues in advance.

Definitely, all guests are VIPs to the hosts; they always enjoy the highest priority to food. Food would only be collected after all guests’ requests are met.

Definitely, food containers would be provided by the venue.

  • Green LUCK will deliver designated food containers to the banquet venues in advance.
  • Food containers must be washed thoroughly and sterilized before use. They need to be washed and sterilized with hot water at 77°c or above for at least 30 second.
  • Most types of food can be collected from indoor banquets, except for: 1) food that spoils quickly e.g. steamed fish, noodles in soup, red bean soup, raw meat, sushi, sashimi, uncooked seafood, salad, salad, cut fruit, cakes or dessert with cream, dairy products, etc. and 2) food placed in “high-risk area” (5°c – 60°c) for over 4 hours.
  • Outdoor buffet banquet: as above, food placed in “high-risk area” (5°c – 60°c) for over 4 hours. But food in the kitchen that has not been served on buffet table can be recalled.
  • Food that has been placed on table and shared among guests cannot be collected.
  • Leftovers that was not collected immediately after serving cannot be collected.
  • Leftover food should be collected after serving, classified and stored in designated containers.
  • Cooked food should be cooled down to room temperature before putting into refrigerator. Do not store warm food in refrigerator.
  • For food safety reason, our food collecting organizations will only collect surplus food at specific time in the following morning.
  • Containers filled with surplus food must be stored overnight in the fridge below 4°c at the banquet venue.

Support from Green LUCK

  • Green LUCK team consists of a group of volunteering professional wedding planners, who have extensive knowledge in Green LUCK program. They can assist hosts to coordinate with banquet venues.
  • Sample MC script on Green LUCK can be provided to inform guests about the arrangement.
  • Green LUCK team can explain the arrangement details to the organizers or designated representatives of the banquet.
  • Information and logo of Green LUCK can be provided to be printed on the menu, to inform the guests about the banquet’s special arrangement.
  • Seminars can be organized for the F&B/wedding venue industry to provide further info about Green LUCK.