Master The Cooking Skills
That Sustain Generations

Great Eagle Group and Green Monday present the city’s first Plant-Based Culinary Arts Academy designed specially for the current and future F&B and Hospitality Industry. Culinarians will master innovative techniques and skills to bring plant-based dishes to the forefront for their diners. The programme is pioneering plant-forward dining and, at its heart, aims to make delicious, healthier, sustainable eating exciting and accessible.

Great Eagle Group strives to promote plant based diets to the community. By leading the diet change, we can create constructive influence, hoping to alleviate some of the world’s most pressing issues such as climate change and food insecurity, and tackle the sustainability challenges together.

– Dr. Lo Ka Shui, Chairman and Managing Director of Great Eagle Holdings Limited

Why Have We Created This Programme?

  • Plant-based diet is essential to the Planet’s future. Through food, we can tackle the world’s most pressing crises of climate change, global food insecurity and public health
  • Create awareness amongst industry professionals about importance of plant-based eating
  • Make green eating easier for the public to adopt with more options on menus

Why Should You Join?


Smart Business Move

Plant-based dining is here to stay. Industry professionals have to offer creative dishes to their diners who crave variety and taste.


Wider Appeal

Today, more people are choosing to consume plant-based food that are nutritious yet ethical and planet-friendly.


Maintain Competitive Edge

Food business can lose out to their competitors if they do not adapt to the growing demand and changing preferences.

Premier Highlight

Chef Sessions Hightlight

Upcoming Sessions

Session 1


∙ Culinary Students
∙ Hospitality Students
∙ Dietetics Students

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Session 2


∙ Restaurant Chefs
∙ Caterers
∙ Work experience in cooking is a must


Session 3


∙ Restaurant Chefs
∙ Caterers
∙ Work experience in cooking is a must

Session 4


∙ F&B and Hospitality Professionals:
Owners, Senior Management, Chefs, Caterers and Sustainability Heads

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Event Organizer

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