Original Article: The Straits Times

Chew on this: What’s on the menu are cups that you can drink out of and then eat, and burgers made entirely from plant-based sources. Wash all that down with a glass of probiotic beer and, for dessert, have a delectable diabetic-friendly brownie.

These were just some of the futuristic food options on show at the 2019 Food Industry Asia Food for the Future Summit, held at Marina Bay Sands yesterday.

The summit put on display an array of future foods, many produced by Singapore companies, that might one day be found on supermarket shelves and dining tables here.

First up is the “Ello Jello” cup. Shaped like a Red Solo Cup, it has a wobbly consistency, and can hold cold and room-temperature drinks. Flavours available are orange, lychee, peppermint and green tea, and cups come in two sizes – 6cm and 10cm. Ello Jello’s parent company, Evoware, also has other environmentally friendly products, such as a plastic packaging replacement made entirely out of seaweed that is fully soluble, digestible and safe to eat.

But if drinking from a jello glass is not your cup of tea, then get the Beyond Meats burger – its patty is made entirely from plant-based sources. The burger will surely be a hit with vegans, vegetarians and anyone who does not want their food to come from the suffering of animals.

There is also minced pork from Beyond Meats, served with a side of low-glycemic index brown rice developed by the Singaporean-run The Little Rice Company. The special strain of brown rice tastes like white rice, with a similar consistency and texture.

The company, which has facilities in Myanmar, has found a way to double the yield of this strain of rice, compared with that from regular rice strains.