school programme activities

Green Monday Introductory Talk

Provide students with an idea of green, healthy and sustainable living and share with them how vegetarianism can benefit the environment and health. Suitable for all parents and students. Duration: 45-60 minutes

School Exhibition

The exhibition aims to illustrate how the livestock industry utilizes plenty of the Earth’s resource, speeds up global warming and leads to famine through the use of infographics. It also educates students on how to plan a healthy and nutritious green meal. A worksheet comes along with the exhibition to reinforce students’ understanding. A free gift will be given to those who complete it.

School Workshop

Green Snack Workshop

Make use of natural and healthy foods to make your own green snacks

Pressed Plant Bookmark Workshop

Design an unique bookmark using plants as coloring agents

Eco-enzyme Workshop

Make the most environmental-friendly detergent using fruit peels and sugar

Insect Repellent Workshop

Utilize distinctive plants’ aroma to make chemical-free repellent

Huggable Animal Workshop

Learn about endangered animals while making art craft

3D Animal Model Workshop

Use old cardboard to make 3D animal models

Book Reading Workshop

Through ‘Piggy’s New Life’ Storybook Reading Workshop, children can learn more about industrial farming and its alternatives


Food labeling Talk & Supermarket Tour

Students can gain hands-on experience of reading food labels by a guided supermarket tour in a plant-based concept store Green Common. Suitable for secondary school students or above. Duration: 60-70 minutes

Kwun Tong Community Green Station

Experience plastic recycling procedure with both sharing talks and workshop

Ecotour 330

learn more about organic farming

Super Green Monday

To celebrate “Earth Day” and the anniversary of Green Monday, one of the Mondays in April is designated “Super Green Monday” each year.  Schools
with over 50% of vegetarian meal order rate on the day are qualified for the
Green Monday School Lunch Award.

  • Gold Award: Vegetarian meal order rate 90% or more
  • Silver Award: Vegetarian meal order rate 70% or more
  • Bronze Award: Vegetarian meal order rate 50% or more

In 2018  -2019, 239 schools received the Gold Award, 47 received the Silver Award and 34 received the Bronze Award.