Original source: Timeout 

Meet 50 inspiring people who are driving the change we need to see in our world today

By Tatum Ancheta

The world is changing fast. For the past year alone, there has been a whirlwind of global and life-altering events that have altered the world we live in today forever. It will take more than a single visionary to take us where the world needs to go, but the good news is that there are many everyday people doing extraordinary things to change the world for the better.

This month, Time Out introduces the list of 50 Future Makers to honour and celebrate exceptional people who shape our cities and cultures. This list includes pioneers, innovators, visionaries, and individuals that effectively make the world better for future generations. These are the people driving the change we need to see in our world today.

Across 328 cities, where Time Out exists, our editors, writers, and even our readers nominated various modern-day heroes that make up this list. The 50 Future Makers are composed of activists, artists, filmmakers, architects, chefs, politicians, and everyday people who are fueled by passion and imbued with a sense of purpose.

In Asia, the list includes David Yeung, the eco-warrior and founder of Green Monday who made the meat-free lifestyle cool in Hong Kong; Jeff Rotmeyer, founder of ImpactHK, and the Love 21 Foundation that helps empower homeless Hongkongers, as well as those living with Down syndrome and autism; Jo Bautista, the Filipina artist who founded SendToGive, an online platform that allows people to send postcards of hope and uses the profit to support a Philippine nonprofit assisting farmers and fishermen, and an initiative in Kenya that provides more than 6,000 disadvantaged young girls basic feminine products; and Yip Pin Xiu, the 28-year-old Singaporean Paralympian who advocates disability rights and visibility in sport.

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