Original Article: Green Queen

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2019 (#IWD19), the Green Queen team wanted to showcase the women we admire the most in this crazy city we call home. Women who, on top of being incredible moms, friends, sisters, daughters & wives, work tirelessly every day to save our planet. Women who stand for animal rights, food security, the health of future generations, our oceans, our land & our air. Women who fight against animal cruelty, pollution, waste, environmental degradation and factory farming. Women who lead, inspire, empower & educate. Women we are proud to know and even prouder to showcase.

Jenny Ng – #PlantQueen

Executive Director at Green Monday, Green Common & Omnipork

While you may be more familiar with Green Monday’s engaging founder David Yeung, Jenny Ng is the Robin to his Batman, quietly fighting hard to expand the foundation’s mission to reduce meat consumption, launch the revolutionary meat alternative Omnipork and help #makegreencommon across Asia and beyond.