• The New England Veg Fest

The New England Veg Fest

In an apparent attempt to extend the vegan movement more worldwide, the New England Veg Fest was launched on 26th April, 2015, to have a nice gathering and reach out to new members of wanting to be involved in the mission of protecting animal rights, engaging in healthy lifestyles and environmental sustainability.

Featuring of a vegan food court, cooking demos with author Lindsay S. Nixon, doing of flowforms yoga, prizes raffling, just to name a few, this Veg Fest was fun, participatory and the most crucial thing were the motivation and cohesion we saw among new green upholders of taking initiatives to step out and go green.

We, Green Monday is always the first one to advocate the green living style and we supported them mentally and physically by sponsoring the events as we were so glad to see there were more people being informed about the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle and became determinant of their green options.

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