Green Monday Foundation Awarded the Roddenberry Prize

This year, The Green Monday Foundation was one of four proud recipients of the Roddenberry Prize for its work on tackling climate change, food insecurity, health issues and animal welfare. Green Monday, as a social venture platform to promote greener and more sustainable change, has been able to successfully shift 1.6 million Hong Kong residents to commit to adopting a plant-based diet at least one day per week.


The Roddenberry Foundation was launched by the family of Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, which aims to promote social change and improve the lives of people across the globe. Every two years, the Foundation’s Roddenberry Prize provides $1 million to organisations from around the world that aim to tackle climate change. The prize aims to emphasise the solutions and impactful actions that currently exist. This year, the prize highlighted four key solutions, including reducing food wastage, cutting out animal products from our diet, girl’s education and women’s rights.



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