• Common Good Juice – the Decryption

Common Good Juice – the Decryption

The names of the Common Good Juice, the first own-brand cold-pressed juice of Green Common, are inspired by a number of world-renowned celebrity green ambassadors, including Faye Chill, Andy Anti-age, Leonardo Charm, Ellen Joy, Stella Glow. The secret of the marvelous Common Good Juice is listed as below:

A fine juice with nutrients left intact
Along with the Hollywood wave of cold-pressed juice hitting Hong Kong in recent years, Green Common develops its own cold-pressed juice, Common Good Juice. The rationale of cold-pressed juicing makes it distinctive from any other normal juice. Most juice blenders rip fruits apart with fast-spinning blades, exposing the juice to heat from the struggling motor and blades. This process may destroy the nutritional profile of the juice. Now, with a masticating juicer, Common Good Juice is produced with crushes and squeezes. Pressure is exerted on fruits aptly and stably, sidestepping the nutrient-killing extra heat. This does not only smoothen the texture of the juice, but also preserves the nutrients to the greatest extent.

Long shelf life without additives
Fresh fruits are prone to spoil and so is their juice. This has been an immense challenge in providing juice of high quality. Sterilized with High Pressure Processing (HPP), Common Good Juice overcomes such an Achilles’ heel of fresh fruits, extending their shelf life to 90 days. The preservation technique, invented by the food technology company INVO, physically destroys the bacterial structure with pressure five times stronger than that under the 10000ft-depth sea. This approach keeps the juice from any high-temperature sterilization or addition of preservatives, maintaining 99.9% of the fresh taste.

Perfect balance between taste and vegetables
Highly nutritious superfoods are added into various flavors of the Common Good Juice series, such as kale into Anne Cleanse and wheatgrass into Jet Boost. After delicate blending, the INVO nutritionist team has found out the best combination of fruits and the superfoods. The sweet fruit fragrance is more prominent without overpowering vegetable flavor.

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