Green Monday School Programme

Since the launch of the School Programme in Hong Kong in 2012, Green Monday has been putting much effort into educating the future generations to adopt a plant-based diet at least one day per week to mitigate climate change and improve health. The Green Monday movement is simple, viral and actionable as simply having plant-based meals can help reduce environmental footprint. The programme is one of the most successful global initiatives in raising students’ awareness on green eating habits.

With the support of various partners such as school caterers, faculty and student groups, Green Monday School Programme currently covers 1000 primary & secondary schools and universities around the world. The School Programme is a holistic platform to promote all green initiatives. Apart from championing the benefits of a plant-based diet and shifting students towards plant-based eating, the School Programme encourages schools to organise diverse and fun activities, such as talks, exhibitions and carnivals, to engage, enable and encourage students to go green.


Green Monday School Programme provides a wide range of resources to help you launch Green Monday on campus. Follow the steps below to kickstart this global initiative:

Step 1

Go through the programme overview here.

Step 2

Work with your Sustainability Department, student groups and caterer to create your unique Green Monday campaign and determine the launch event date and details.

Step 3

Fill out the registration form here. The Green Monday School Programme team will get in touch shortly. *Please submit your registration form at least one month before your proposed launch date.

Step 4

The Green Monday School Programme will send you the launch kit if your proposal meets the programme criteria and after you sign the licensing agreement on logo usage.

Step 5

Congratulations! You are ready to plan your official launch event.