• The Green Blue Ocean

The Green Blue Ocean

The green economy has been growing so much that even Big Food companies and chains want to share a slice of the profit pie. Pret A Manger, Pizza Express and TamJai SamGor Mixian have all tried to provide more green options in their menu or even built a veggie pop-up store. How did they succeed?

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環保 = 無經濟、無市場? 近年綠色經濟呢個「餅」愈做愈大,連傳統食品鉅頭和連鎖食肆都一齊分一杯羹。

來自Pret A Manger、Pizza Express、譚仔三哥等食肆,接連推出Green Menu甚至開設素食快閃店,成效又如何呢?



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