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Uncle Russ Coffee

    Uncle Russ Coffee 已於香港成立超過二十年。我們擁有微型的咖啡烘焙設備提供經人手新鮮製作的咖啡原豆,以應付各分店日常的營運及銷售需要。我們致力提供優質的顧客服務、親切有善的氣氛及對客戶的衷心關懷,更提供優越的產品經驗、人性化的視覺及味覺感受。我們的目標是給予顧客既優質而不能言喻的咖啡體驗。為支持 Green Monday,Uncle Russ Coffee 每逢星期一會推出“綠色套餐”*,客人可以優惠價選購綠色餐單中任何一款食品加一杯中杯裝咖啡飲料。另外,客人可憑優惠券購買“Uncle Russ 隨行杯”,即可節省$5 及獲得 8 安士贈飲一杯。

    * 餐單選擇會因應店舖位置而有所不同。

    Uncle Russ Coffee has been established in Hong Kong over 20 years, our small unit of roasting facility provides freshly hand roasted coffee which supplies for our shops’ day-to-day consumption. We are committed to providing effective customer service, friendly environment and enthusiastic care to our valuable customer, and also create exceptional product experience, sensation and taste. Our goal has always been to provide coffee beverages that are unparalleled in quality.

    To support Green Monday, Uncle Russ Coffee will provide “Green Set” on every Monday*; customers can buy a green item plus a tall size coffee drink with a discounted price. Furthermore, customers can use the $5 cash coupon to purchase an “Uncle Russ Tumbler” and get a FREE 8oz drink.

    * Menu selections may vary by shop location.

    Green Monday素食套餐逢星期一全日供應。少量素食菜式每天供應。
    Green Monday vegetarian set available whole day on Mondays. Some vegetarian dishes available daily.

    網址 Website: http://www.unclerusscoffee.com.hk/

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