• Redesigning Our Global Food System Through Food & Ag Tech

Redesigning Our Global Food System Through Food & Ag Tech

New ways of thinking are needed to tackle modern food challenges. Rob Trice describes the major differences between ‘abundance thinkers’ and ‘scarcity thinkers’ and their business models. He proceeds to explain the dilemmas faced by the food industry while applying technology to their field. Let’s find out more here.

Speaker: Rob Trice
Rob Trice is the Founder of The Mixing Bowl & Better Food Ventures. In 2013, he began to leverage his background in telecom,MOBILE and Internet venture capital to the application of information technology to the food and agriculture sectors. Rob previously worked at Swisscom Ventures, SK Telecom Ventures, Nokia Growth Partners and Nokia Venture Partners (now BlueRun Ventures). Prior to his days in venture capital work, he was at DIRECTV in LA and at a think-tank in DC, the Center for Strategic & International Studies. He also founded the non-profit Corporate Innovators Huddle and serves on the board of San Francisco-based engaged philanthropy organization, Full Circle Fund.

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