David Yeung, Founder of Green Monday, Awarded Social Entrepreneur of The Year 2018


Green Monday’s founder David Yeung was awarded by The Schwab Foundation For Social Entrepreneurship, known as the sister organization of The World Economic Forum, the 2018 Social Entrepreneurs of the Year. The presentation took place earlier on 24th September in New York.


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David is amongst 12 individuals representing 11 organizations from different countries to receive this award as an acknowledgement of their innovative and scalable approaches to bring global impact.


Green Monday was founded in 2012 as a multi-faceted platform to tackle climate change through advocating a cut-down on meat consumption which was advised by a number of authoritative organizations, including FAO and WHO, that livestock industry is directly correlates to high intensity GHG emissions (accounting to 14.5% of global emission*) and induce adverse health impact.


Over the past 6 years David and his team have worked tirelessly to launch the “one-green-day-a-week” philosophy which has now over 1,000 Hong Kong restaurants enrolled and was spread to over 30 countries worldwide. In Hong Kong alone, over 1.6 million people are now participating in the movement in shifting towards a more sustainable and conscious diet. The GM team has successfully provoked awareness by resonating the Go Green message with council offices worldwide and multi-national corporations. The City Council of Berkeley, California, passed a resolution on 17th September to adopt plant-based menu in all government properties on Mondays by collaboration with the Green Monday’s US team. In China, MGM Macau and Sands China have launched Green Monday in 2017 and September 2018 respectively to enhance their staff canteens with plant-based menu options that benefits a total of over 39,000 employees, representing 10% of Macau’s total labour force**.


The Green Monday umbrella was modeled with a sustainable business arm with the launch of Green Common in 2015, a one-stop brick-and-mortar solution combining grocery stores and restaurants with innovative plant-based products, and Right Treat in 2018 which debuted the world’s first all-purpose plant-based pork, the Omnipork, as an alternative to what seemingly is the most consumed type of meat in the world.


“I am profoundly honored to be joining a global community of pioneers and change makers who are committed to the improvement of the state of the world,” said David. “Since 2012, Green Monday as a multi-faceted social venture embarked on the mission to take on the world’s most pressing crises of climate change, food security and public health. Through innovations in our food systems and the launch of an actionable movement, we have created a dynamic platform that simultaneously engage and empower millions of people, along with public and private sectors, towards sustainable behavior and consumption choices.  With the recognition and support from the Schwab Foundation and World Economic Forum, we strive to further scale the impact and accelerate transformation both regionally and globally.”


Schwab Foundation was founded in 1998 by Hilde and Klaus Schwab, who also founded the World Economic Forum in 1971, as a complimentary organization to integrate initiatives promoting market-based solutions for global challenges.


“There’s a growing recognition that market-based models are essential to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. The 2018 Social Entrepreneur of the Year Awardees represent proven models in agriculture, financial inclusion, childhood education, and much more. Their potential to reach entire populations in need of these services is vast, and the time is now to partner with them to achieve the SDGs.” Explained by Katherine Milligan, Head of the Schwab Foundation.


* 2013 News Article by UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

**Employment Survey for Jan – Mar 2018 by Statistics and Census Service (DSEC) Macao Government

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