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With the support of Green Monday, the Baptist University organized a vegetarian carnival , “BU V-Day”, on 14 April 2014. Mr. Wong Kam Sing, Secretary for the Environment, was among the guests at the opening ceremony and appreciated the efforts of Baptist University in environmental protection and in the promotion of vegetarian diet. He recognized the success of this novel program. Other guests of honour included the Vice President of the university, Mr. Andy Lee Siu Chuen, and actress Cherry Ngan, who is a BU student. Mr. Lee encouraged a weekly, if not daily, vegetarian diet.

Mr. David Yeung, co-founder of Green Monday, introduced the rainbow diet on the day. This healthy diet contains vegetarian food of various colours and is beneficial to the digestive system. He also stressed that a vegetarian diet can also make one look younger with better skin texture.

Participants enjoyed diverse activities such as food tasting, sharing sessions and a salad-making competition. The day also marked the opening of BU Green Corner, an eco-chic space built of recycled and upcycled materials.

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