Welcome to Green Monday Global University Alliance

Since the launch of Global University Alliance in 2012, Green Monday has been putting much effort into educating the future generation to adopt a green lifestyle and contribute to build a sustainable world.

With the support of various partners such as school caterers, faculty and student groups, Green Monday’s Global University Alliance covers 1000 primary & secondary schools and universities with 2.5 million students around the world. The Program is a holistic platform to promote all green initiatives. Apart from launching Green Monday Menu to simply shift the meat and plant-based options offered at on-campus canteens, the Program also offers diverse and fun activities such as talks, exhibitions, and smoothie rides to engage, enable and encourage students to go green.

Green Monday’s Global University Alliance has been one of the most successful programs in raising students’ awareness on green eating habits. Using Hong Kong as an example, after the Program launched, the average plant-based meal order rate at all schools soared from 4% to 42% in just one year.

What is unique about the Green Monday Program?

Green Monday’s slogan is “make change happen, make green common”. The pillars of our University Programs approach – “Envision, Enable, Empower”, are the unique signatures of our movement to unlock a highly impactful approach of empowered individual choice to move the needle on a global scale.

By educating the students about how going plant-based one day per week can help to conserve the environment – becoming mindful of what is put on our plates, where it is from and how it is produced, fueled by the ethos “From Mindful Eating to Mindful Living.” By Adopting a healthier, more environmentally friendly and more humane diet, each person acts out of compassion and the understanding that each of us, as inseparable parts of our environment, can make easy choices to save animal lives and ourselves.

Program Details

Green Monday’s Global University Alliance provides a range of activities to educate students about green eating and living tips. Follow the 3 steps below to start your campaign:

Step 1:

Contact us at [email protected] to enroll the Green Monday Global University Alliance by completing a Licensing Agreement on the Green Monday logo usage.

Step 2:

Work with your caterer, Sustainability Department, and student groups to customize your unique campaign with Green Monday’s 8-step guideline provided here. Work with the Green Monday team to get our support on the following

  1. Launching Kit: Green Monday T-shirts, caps, stickers, customized templates, and access code to online database for posters, fliers, and exhibition info-graphic.
  2. Meal Consultations: Catering references, menu consultations, and recipe recommendations can be provided to the school’s dinning service partner.
  3. Global University Sustainability Network: Platform that facilitates the exchange of best practices in sustainability trends among schools around the world.
  4. Media Exposures: Features on Green Monday social media platform and our extensive media partners.

Step 3:

Congratulations, you are ready to plan your official launch event.

1. Green Monday Introductory Talk

Provide students with an idea of green, healthy and sustainable living and share with them how vegetarianism can benefit the environment and health.

Time: 30-40 minutes

Suitable for all parents and students

2. Green Monday Ambassador Sharing

Our school ambassadors are happy to come to schools to share with students their views on green lifestyle and their own ways of living green.

Time: 30-40 minutes

Suitable for all students

3. Food Labeling Talk & Supermarket Tour 

Educate students to choose healthier food by reading food labels. Students can gain hands-on experience of reading food labels by a guided supermarket tour in a vegetarian supermarket, Green Common.


Time: 60-70 minutes

Suitable for secondary school students or above

To arrange a school talk, please click here.

Through partnering with different organizations, we aim to arrange various educational activities for students to teach them how to go green in different aspects of life.


Green Snack Workshop

Make use of natural and healthy foods to make your own green snacks

Pressed Plant Bookmark Workshop

Design a unique bookmark using plants as coloring agents and tools

Eco-enzyme Workshop

Make the most environmental-friendly detergent using fruit peels and sugar

Insect Repellent Workshop

Utilize distinctive plants’ aroma to make chemical-free repellent

Huggable Animal Workshop

Introduce endangered animals to students while hugging them

3D Animal Model Workshop

Use old cardboard to make 3D animal models


Organic Waste Recycling Center

Learn more about food waste  recycling and hydro-plantation

Waste Recycling Center

Experience plastic recycling procedures


Learn more about organic farming

The exhibition aims to illustrate how the livestock industry utilizes plenty of the Earth’s resource, speeds up global warming and leads to famine through the use of infographics. It also educates students on how to plan a healthy and nutritious green meal.

Exhibition_Front  Exhibition_Back

A worksheet comes along with the exhibition to reinforce students’ understanding. A free gift will be given to those who complete it.

The exhibition consists of one display board (Width:3m x Height:2m).

To borrow the exhibition, please click here.

Learn more about the exhibition content: Part 1, Part 2.


1. What is Green Monday’s definition of “go green”?

Green Monday’s goal is not to convert people to be vegan or vegetarian. Our approach is to encourage the entire community to adopt a plant-based lifestyle. We never employ a blaming or shaming approach but encouraging a fun and positive environment to go green.

2.  Is the Green Monday initiative limited to food?

Green Monday is a holistic platform that not only promotes plant-based diet but also encourages partners to incorporate other sustainability initiatives, such as local sourcing, waste reduction, energy conservation and other green outreach .

3. What is Green Monday’s definition of “green meal”?

Since Green Monday encourages baby steps, our “green meal” definition is meatless rather than vegan. However, we recommend putting a disclaimer on dishes that contain eggs or dairy products.

4. What are the dish requirements to launch Green Monday menu at my canteen?

Green Monday selections have to be well-designed and nutritious. It should stand apart from the traditional images of vegetarian food, such as plain and unappetizing. Proposed menu will be reviewed by the Green Monday team.

5. How often does our dining service need to offer plant-based dishes?

Monday is a must but we highly recommend the Green Monday menus and/or promotions to be valid seven days a week for both lunch and dinner.

6. Cost & Commitments

  • There is no cost involved for joining Green Monday as partner. Additional fees only apply when a tailor-made marketing campaign is required. Cost will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.
  • A minimum commitment of 2 years is required.
  • An agreement on the usage of the Green Monday logo will be needed. All new artwork using the Green Monday logo shall be reviewed by Green Monday before publication.

Thank you for your interest. For any inquiry, please email us at [email protected]

Campus Partner Showcase

Columbia University was the first University to join the Green Monday’s US Program.

Columbia Univeristy puts the emphasis on four main themes: recycling, food and nutrition, paper waste reduction, and energy conservation. The university provides students with tips on the practice of environmentally friendly habits, which is applicable to their daily life, and what they can do to contribute to the  community.

For the purpose of involving more students in Green Monday campaign, their Environmental Stewardship Team organizes a wide variety of pop-up events around campus every Monday, including some challenges on Instagram and Facebook. Besides, a simple Action Guide was designed for their students. For more details, please visit http://environment.columbia.edu/green-monday

The Washington University of St. Louis is a great innovator of change, and thus they implemented the Green Monday idea into the daily routines of students, teachers and faculty alike.

Washington University has started implementing Green Monday as of early 2015. Ever since the launch of the initiative, the university has been actively inculcating sustainable food concepts among the university community with their Eco To-Go boxes and compost. In addition, their office of sustainability has partnered with Dining Services, Bon Appetit and Aramark to implement the initiative by providing vegan and vegetarian options. Their sustainability representatives are located at the dining areas across campus every Monday asking people to take the Green Monday pledge.


Rather than featuring some vegetarian specials at each dining hall, UCLA decided to go a step further by partnering with Bruin Plate to host a pilot program, which enables one dining hall to offer completely vegetarian meals every Monday. The university launched the program with former NBA champion John Salley as well. Since then, over 1,200 students are eating a fully vegetarian dinner each week.

Wharton University is cooperating with Green Monday to create sustainable changes in student and faculty lifestyles.

Our co-founder, David Yeung, was invited by the Wharton School to have a sharing talk about Green Monday at their business radio program. PennSEM, a student organization at the University dedicates itself to exploring social entrepreneurship and conducts a campus research study on climate change and lifestyle on behalf of Green Monday. The Wharton School plans to implement Green Monday in the 2015/16 academic year as well.