A global sustainability movement that engages, enables, and empowers corporations, communities, schools and individuals around the world to adopt plant-based lifestyles.

A plant-based concept store – Green Common, where common good becomes common sense.

A private venture capital fund that invents, incubates and invests in sustainable green economy.

A Simple, Viral, Actionable program covers 1000 schools and universities with 2.5 million students in 10 counties to promote green lifestyle.

An interdisciplinary center that aims to further enhance sustainability awareness  and best practice sharing around the world.

Consultancy, marketing and PR services for companies on strategy and implementation of green and CSR initiatives.

A community program to empower the public with the tools and knowledge to cook green in the household.

Over 1,000 restaurants, hotels and caterers have joined Green Monday movement offering unique dishes to lead a new trend of green and healthy dining.