Green LUCK x Food Angel剩食體驗日

******機會難得, 大家請踴躍參加!!!******


日期: 16 May 2016 (星期一)

時間 :  14:00 – 18:00

名額: 25名

對象: 16歲或以上

地點: 九龍深水埗海壇街235號豐盛大廈3樓

語言 : 粵語


14:00-14:15         無綠不歡飲宴簡介及介紹惜食堂的日常工作

14:15-15:15          齊來動手切菜

15:15-16:15          齊來做飯盒

16:15-17:30         體驗幫公公婆婆準備飯餸

17:30-17:45         過程分享

17:45-17:50         大合照



如有任何查詢歡迎隨時與我聯絡. (Ms. Agnes Yip) 2263-3196 或電郵到 .


“Green LUCK Banquet x Food Angel”~ Recycle Food Experience Tour

***Don’t miss the chance, please join us***

Date:                              May 16, 2016 (Monday)

No. of participants:  25 people

Target:                           Age 16 or above

Venue:                           G/F, Fung Sing Building, 10-16 Kiu Kiang Street, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon

Language:                     Cantonese



14:00-14:15             Introduction of Green LUCK Banquet and Food Angel

14:15-16:15              Meal Boxes Preparation

16:15-17:30             Serve Hot meals at Community Centre

17:45-17:50             Group Photo


If you have any question, please feel free to contact Ms. Agnes Yip @ 2263-3196 or send an email to

Due to limited places, if the participants because the incident or unable to participate in this event, please notification at least two days ago, sorry for the inconvenience.

***Green LUCK Banquet reserve the right of final decision***

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