Fruitful Easter at Amoy Plaza

 March 19 to April 4


Green Monday will present two environmentally themed exhibitions “Fruit Encyclopedia” and “Why Green Monday” at Amoy Plaza. These exhibitions not only illustrate the relationship between fruit and the ecosystem, but also elaborate the major causes of global warming and the extreme weather conditions Hong Kong has experienced in recent years.

Pop-up “Easter Fruitful” Market

Green Monday have sources many fruitful, healthy vegetarian food for families, such as Aloe drinks, Beetroot drinks, Sparking grapefruit juice, Coconut water, Freeze-dired fruit crisps, Italian truffle butter, Beyond Meat, 100% fruit juice candies and more.

Smoothie Ride

During the exhibition period, customers can implement a green lifestyle by joining a series of activities and workshops. Customers who spend HK$300 or more at Amoy Plaza get to enjoy a free ride on the first-ever “Smoothie Bike” in Hong Kong to make their own smoothie.

Fruit Family Workshop

There’s even more fun in store when customers enroll in a series of fruit-themed environmental workshops in which parents and kids can create their own environmentally-friendly cleaning agent, tie-dye product and personalized Easter fruit art.

Green Monday Menu

What’s more, the “Fruitful Easter” campaign continues with various restaurants in Amoy Plaza offering diversified vegetarian menus, encouraging customers to have a tasty start to their healthy diet.

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