Over a thousand restaurants and retail outlets in HK head into Earth Month with newly-launched dishes and promotions in support of “Diet Change Not Climate Change”

(31 March 2021, Hong Kong) Renowned for his dedication to social engagement and public welfare advocacy, “King of Chinese Pop” Wang Leehom is deeply aware of the inextricable link between food, environment and health. Having practiced what he preaches, he supports diet change to reduce carbon footprint. Meanwhile, Green Monday has been committing to tackling some of the world’s most pressing issues of climate change, public health and food insecurity since its establishment on Earth Day (22 April) 2012. The two mission-aligned leaders join hands to create global impact. Leehom has been a valuable member of Green Monday Group as investor since September 2020, together with influential investors worldwide including acclaimed director James Cameron, Mary McCartney, daughter of Beatles’ Paul McCartney, and conservationist Susan Rockefeller. He is now officially Green Monday’s ambassador, devoting himself to promoting the benefits of healthy diet in different regions around the globe including China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. “Sustainability and carbon footprint reduction aren’t as difficult as you might think. Start with practicing green lifestyle, at least one day a week. That alone will reduce the burden to the planet.” - Wang Leehom

Leehom himself as a gourmet, cannot praise Food 2.0 ingredients enough. He describes OmniPork as “a pork alternative that is good for our health, good for the planet”. He added, “Delicious Chinese cuisine that is loved worldwide can now be enjoyed using OmniPork.”
This April, Green Monday returns with Earth Month Campaign to advocate “Diet Change Not Climate Change” with an ultimate goal to make net zero happen.

According to United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Assessment Report published in 2019, switching to a plant-based diet can help fight climate change. If every individual in the world adopts a flexitarian diet, greenhouse gas emission will be reduced by 14%; while in the case of adopting vegan diet, 22% of greenhouse gas emission will be reduced. Supported by reports and researches of authoritative institutions such as Oxford University and World Economic Forum, cutting down meat consumption and diet change are practical and most actionable ways to reduce carbon emission.

Over 1,000 outlets from 60 restaurants and retailers in Hong Kong join
Starting 1 April, over 30 restaurants and retailers will participate in “Diet Change Not Climate Change” (or Earth Month 2021 campaign) with new dishes and promotions, while some of them are exclusively available in April.
Many restaurants incorporate innovative plant-based ingredients into their dishes. The brands, including OmniPork, OmniPork Strip, OmniPork Luncheon, international brands Beyond Meat, Daiya, Unlimeat, Alpha Foods, and plant-based beverage brands Califia Farms, elevate the dishes with green delights, presenting delicious and healthy plant-based dishes to the public. Partner highlights are shown in appendix list.
The full list is available in below links, updated from time to time (2):
(English) https://greenmonday.org/en/earthmonth2021/
(Chinese) https://greenmonday.org/zh-hant/earthmonth2021/

We are also inviting everyone to team Green Monday during Earth Month with an Instagram giveaway campaign. To enter the giveaway, participants will share their plant-based meals or low-carbon lifestyle on either their post or story and tag official Instagram account (@greenmonday_official) with hashtags #2030NETZERO and #GreenMonday, spreading the go-green message to their follower friends during Earth Month. Special gifts will be given to lucky ones in 3 consecutive weeks.
(1) IPCC Special Report on climate change (www.ipcc.ch/srccl/)
(2) Official information published by participating partners shall prevail

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About Green Monday Group
Green Monday Group was founded in 2012 in Hong Kong SAR with the vision to “Make Change Happen, Make Green Common”. It is the pioneer in Asia to launch a large scale plant-based movement by advocating flexitarian lifestyle. The Group comprises Green Monday Holdings, the operational arm producing and distributing plant-based food products in Asia and beyond, Green Monday Ventures, the impact investment arm dedicated to supporting and accelerating growth of mission-aligned entrepreneurs and start-ups globally and Green Monday Foundation, the non-profit arm advocating sustainable plant-based living through community initiatives. Green Monday Holdings comprises OmniFoods and Green Common: OmniFoods is a food tech company with a Canadian-based R&D team creating its own range of alternative protein food products including OmniPork, OmniPork Luncheon, OmniPork Strip and OmniEat; Green Common is a one-stop plant-based platform combining retail, distribution and dining service in over 10 markets, empowering communities in Asia and beyond with sustainable, innovative and wholesome food choices. The Green Monday Group is named to Fortune’s 2020 “Change the World” list , and Fortune China’s “20 Most Socially Influential Startups in China” list. For more information, please visit: www.greenmonday.org

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