Original Article: Lifestyle Asia

Going plant-based has never been easier.

Green Monday Group, the parent company to OmniFoods, has just opened Southeast Asia’s first Green Common — a one-stop culinary destination for plant-based eating.

“Over the years we have seen great interest from Singaporeans looking to have access to more plant-based alternatives. We are so excited to be launching the first Green Common concept in Southeast Asia here, bringing our signature retail and dine-in concepts to the city. Our one-stop shop is designed to make it easy to go green and make thoughtful (and delicious) lifestyle choices.” David Yeung, the Founder and CEO  of Green Monday Group

Green Common was launched in 2015 as the world’s first plant-based concept store, aimed to ease consumers into a more sustainable lifestyle.

Besides Shanghai, Singapore is the second international location of the plant-based concept store, complete with nine other outlets across Hong Kong.

While many eateries design their menu with only a couple of meat-alternative dishes, Green Common’s all-inclusive plant-based menu sees a whole range of affordable, delicious and healthy vegan-friendly dishes that are set to please the crowd.

Here, feast on local favourites like the Hainanese Trick’en Rice (S$16++), complete with flavoursome rice balls, silky Heura ‘chicken’ and homemade chilli sauce, ginger paste and dark sauce. If you love pigging out on a large pie, the savoury Meat Lovers Pizza (S$19++), topped with Moving Mountains Hot Dog, Beyond Sausage and Daiya Mozzarella Cheese will be perfect for you.

The kitchen is helmed by Chef Louie Moong, who brings with him 33 years of experience working in award-winning hotels and internationally recognised restaurants across Southeast Asia and China.

The locale isn’t just suitable for dining in: you’ll find a row of convenience-store style fridges to the left of the eatery, packed with plant-based alternatives for you to whip up at home.

This includes brands like OmniMeat, Beyond Meat, Unlimeat, Heura, Just Egg and Daiya. If that isn’t convincing enough for you to head over, Green Common will be the only location (at the time of writing) to stock the new-to-market, OmniEat range of ready-made vegan meals.

For more information, head to their website here.