About Green LUCK

Green LUCK Banquet is a new initiative under Green Monday which promotes healthy and green banqueting with three simple elements – no waste, no shark fin and 1 vegetarian dish. We have joined hands with food rescue organizations, caterers and shark protection organizations to provide support in redistributing excess food items at banquets and promote a sustainable banqueting culture.

Green LUCK infographic

Why supporting Green LUCK?

Banquets are held to celebrate joyous occasions; yet, they are one of the main sources of food waste in Hong Kong.

According to data in 2012 from the Environmental Protection Department, about 3600 tonnes of putrescible wastes is produced in Hong Kong every day, one-third of which originates from commercial and industrial sector while the rest comes from domestic sources, together accounting for 40% of the total amount of municipal solid waste produced. Putrescibles are easily decomposed in landfills, which releases toxic gases and pollutes the environment.

A lot of food waste was still edible when it was disposed; while people live in hunger on the other side of the city. In 2012, there were over 1 million people living in poverty in Hong Kong. Impoverished families constantly worry over their next meals, and children growing in this environment could become malnourished, which affects their growth and development.

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